Before knowing how to participate, it is important that you take into account 3 participating conditions:
1. You must be registered either in a private or in a public school of your county to participate in the OE competitions.

2. Besides, by the time you participate in the competitions, you must be in the last 3 years of secondary or high school, and be between 15 and 18 years old.

3. You must buy a STUDENT license in our virtual store.
1. Buy a license
1. In the main Menu, you will find the section STORE

2. You have to select the STUDENT license from the available licenses. This license has a promotional price of $8 until June 20,2015

3. Once you have bought your STUDENT licence, you will receive a code in your email account that will allow you to complete your registration with all your personal information. That way, you will get your user andpassword.

2. Participate in the Online Competitions
1. There will be 2(two) classifying competitions, one in June and the other in July.

2. You can participate in both or just in one of them.

3. Students with the 10 highest scores and the best time in each competition (either in June or in July) will classify.

4. The first competition will take place on June 29 and 30, and the second one will be on July 20 and 21.

5. To compete, you have to enter to COMPETITION from the main Menu and select THE MAGNA among all the options.

6. Each student will have a period of 2 hours (120 minutes) a day to compete. They can do the exercises any time of the day until they complete the two hours.

3. Third Final Classifying Competition
1. When the second competition is over, all classified students from the first and the second competition will compete online in a third final classifying competition on August 15.

2. The winner of the third competition will be the student with the highest score in the ranking. This student will begin the final stage of the classification with the OE team. Only after the student has passed this stage, it will be determined whether he or she qualifies to represent his or her country in the VIII Magna Competition.

3. In the final stage of classification, OE will confirm that the winner is indeed a properly registered student in any public or private school of his or her country. We will make sure that he or she is taking the courses on regular basis and that he or she is complying with the conditions already mentioned at the beginning of this document.

4. Final stage of Classification and winner of the country
1. Once confirmation is made, the student will finish the final stage of classification by answering an exam which must be passed with a minimum of 80%. This exam will be taken in person in a place selected by Operación Éxito . OE will inform the student about the location in advance.

2. Once the exam has been passed, we will know the winner who will represent his or her country in the Magna Competition of Science and Math from Operación Éxito.
  • OE will pay for the airplane tickets, lodging, and travel expenses during a whole week in Puerto Rico for the student and for an adult responsible for the student.
  • The VIII Magna Competition of Science and Math will be held in December in San Juan de Puerto Rico.
MAGNA GYM: will allow you to take challenges with other students from both your country and any other part of the world and to answer quizzes. The more challenges you request and the more quizzes you complete, the better prepared you will be for the OE Competitions.
DOUBLE WIN section inside the COMPETENCE module will also allow you to be ready for the competitions. There, you will find and complete practice exams from the different subjects. Moreover, your correct answers will add points that will help you to obtain the different elements from our My achievements gallery.
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